Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Channeling Dita

Have you ever come across an article of clothing that you simply fell in love with at first sight? The Dita Von Teese cardigan by Australian clothing company Wheels & Dollbaby is that item for me. Dita Von Teese is one of my ultimate fashion icons, and so when I heard about her collaboration with W&D I knew that I, and my wallet, was in trouble. 

Of course, at nearly $200, this would be the most decadent and indulgent purchases I've made. I debated for quite some time, trying to decide if the purchase was worth it, but in the end the pin up princess inside whispered *treat yo'self* and I caved.

The transaction itself was very good, Wheels & Dollbaby shipped the cardigan free of charge, and it only took a few days to arrive! The cardigan comes packaged in an adorable wardrobe box with gorgeous script cheekily labeling the sweater as right from "Dita's Closet". The quality of the sweater itself is amazing. The material is incredibly soft and stretchy, hugging your curves in the right places. The embroidery is flawless, and the details are exquisite. Both the buttons and the bow are black velvet, and the trim is satin ribbon. The button holes are also reinforced with more satin ribbon, which I appreciate both functionally and aesthetically. In short, I literally gasped when I opened up the box. 

For its debut I decided to pair it with a polka dot swing skirt from Forever 21 and my much loved Seychelles heart pumps from Hello Holiday

I just love the additional rose embroidery on the shoulder!

I'm absolutely in love with this cardigan, and wish I could get it in several more colors! I'm particularly fond of the red, so maybe I'll have to start saving up!

And in the end, anything that makes me feel like Dita is alright by me!

xoxo, Samantha


  1. Ahhh W&D make such beautiful stuff and as an Aussie shame on me for not owning any of their pieces. I've been lusting after the red version of this cardi for a longtime but knowing what I'm like I just know that I won't even have the guts to take it out of its box and wear it because I'd be too paranoid about wrecking it :P
    Gorgeous outfit as always <3

    1. Ahh! I know what you mean, I was so worried about ruining it as well! But honestly as soon as you see it in person you never want to take it off, it's just so lovely. And thank you so much!