Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Pinup Essentials

Hey there darlings! I was recently asked for my opinion on essential items for building a pinup/rockabilly wardrobe and I figured I would address it here!

Without further ado, here are my top 13 items for a versatile yet basic pinup look.

1. Wiggle Dress. One of the most classic silhouettes, a curve-hugging wiggle dress is both sexy and sophisticated. [pictured X] [X] [X]
2. Fit and Flare Swing Dress. Fun and flirty, a swing dress is super feminine and is perfect for twirling. To amp up the volume of the skirt, add a petticoat. [pictured X] [X] [X]
3. Cute Tops. Good for when it's hot out or when you want to dress down a little. [pictured X] [pictured X] [pictured X] [X] [X] [X]
4. Wiggle Skirt. A look similar to the wiggle dress, but with mix and match options! [pictured X] [X] [X
5. High Waist Denim Shorts. Skirts and dresses seem to be the bulk of the rockabilly wardrobe, but sometimes a pair of iconic high waist denim shorts is exactly what a gal needs. [pictured X] [X] [X]
6. Knee Length Circle Skirt. Again, this creates the silhouette of the swing dress but with more versatility. [X] [X] [X]
7. Saddle Shoes. Forever a favorite. [pictured X] [X] [X]
8. Pumps. Classic heels to carry you through anything. [pictured X] [X] [X]
9. Wedges. A little more casual, but pairs easily with skirts and pants alike. [pictured X] [X] [X]
10. Pinup Swim Suit. A staple. [pictured X] [X] [X]
11. Bandana and Other Hair Accesories. Adding a bandana is my go-to for a lazy hair day. Works just as well with scarves or flowers. [pictured X] [X] [X]
12. Red Lipstick. The pinup girl's best friend! [pictured X] [X] [X]
13. Wide Belt. Having a  few wide belts in some basic colors helps mix up your outfits a bit. [X] [X] [X].

So there you have it! My top items. I hope this post was helpful in figuring out how to start creating the dream wardrobe of your own, and of course the fun part is coming up with your own personal twist on the classics.

What is your favorite wardrobe staple? Leave a comment below!

xoxo, Samantha

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