Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summery Watermelon Nails

Hello friends! It seems like summer is the perfect time for all things fruit, and there doesn't seem to be a more summery fruit than watermelon! I was inspired to paint my nails the other day, opting for a cute and fresh watermelon design that pairs perfect with all my summer dresses and sandals. I didn't get a chance to paint my toes to match, but it would make for a super adorable mani-pedi combo!

What you'll need-
*Polish in red, white, black and green.
 I used:
Forever 21 Nail Color in Ivy Dream
O.P.I in Conquistadorable 
Wet n Wild Fast Dry in Ebony Hates Chris
Wet n Wild Fast Dry in SaGreena the Teenage Witch
*A nail clipper
*A nail file
*A Q-Tip cut in half

Start with clean dry nails. Clip and file them to your personal taste.

Paint a green stripe on the moon of your nail. Don't worry too much about the thickness of these stripes, because you'll just be placing another color on top so you can adjust the thickness then.

Once dry, follow with another line of white that slightly overlaps the green.

Once dry, fill the rest of your nail in with the red. O.P.I Conquistadorable was the perfect shade for this as it is a slightly pink red, which was great for watermelon.

Dip the cut end of the Q-Tip half into your black polish and make little polka dots for the seeds.

Repeat on your other hand, and revel in the cuteness! Just don't be surprised when people compliment you all day.

xoxo, Samantha

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