Monday, July 21, 2014

Polka Dots and Pink Roses

This weekend was just filled to the brim with good things, including a show by Austin's band, a Sunday picnic (stay tuned for a post!), trips to the bookstore, and so much more. On Saturday however, I tracked down the beach cruiser I had stored in the garage, cleaned it up, and took it for a spin for the first time in ages. Naturally a bike this cute calls for an outfit equally as adorable.

I scored this dress from ebay, and the listing actually included two other darling dresses that I absolutely love. I swear some of my best finds are from ebay, I'm simply crazy about it. I always have a ton of items saved in my watch list. This dress in particularly was great for feeling cute while still being comfortable. Swing dresses are so versatile, and I love how they can be dressed up and down. 

How cute are the buttons all down the back??

And of course an adorable bike basket like this one is just begging to be filled, and so I answered that call with some cute pink spray roses. They're currently sitting on my dresser, and have opened up so beautifully! 

I hope your weekend was equally lovely!
xoxo, Samantha

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