Sunday, August 24, 2014

House Tour: Bedroom

So I left off my mini house tour with a review of the main living area, and now that my bedroom is finally finished I can go ahead and post some pictures of that as well! The house has four bedrooms, and I'm super lucky because my room is one of the only bedrooms with wood floors, and is the ONLY room with an actual closet. My roommates have to solely use wardrobes and dressers for clothing storage, and with my wardrobe that would have been tight. Additionally, two of my walls are filled with large windows, so I have lots of nice natural light. Overall, I'm super pleased with it, it's the space I've been wanting for a while.

I pushed the bed into the corner to open up some floor space, and chose a simple white down comforter to keep the space airy and light. The bed that came with the room is incredibly low, so unfortunately I have no storage space there. Normally I put all of my shoes in bins and store them under the bed, but as that is no longer an option I put my trunk at the foot of the bed and stacked all my flats in there instead.  

My Vintage Mickey and Minnie crochet plushies get a special place of honor on the bed. I had been in love with the adorable black and white characters for ages, and Austin bought them for me when we went to Disney for Valentines Day last year. Definitely one of the sweetest gifts! Above my bed I hung the mirror I received at a work white elephant gift exchange, and my Harry Potter tribute. 
Moving to the other corner, I have my standing mirror, my clothes rack, and my dresser. This cheval mirror is one of my greatest thrifting successes, I found it at Goodwill for $10 because it was missing the support piece and hardware. I bought it anyway and took it down to the sculpture studio, fixed it up and stained it, and now it's good as new! My bedside table is adorned with a lamp (also from Goodwill), a vintage alarm clock, and one of Austin's senior pictures. I also added a vase of silk peonies as a fresh touch. I absolutely love real flowers, so so much, but as far as longevity is concerned, silk flowers are the way to go. On top of my dresser I placed my vintage globe, my boxed stationary set, some of my favorite antique books, my branch jewelry stand, two vintage cameras, and my cheeky teacup with the word "booze" painted on the inside. Further down the wall I have my hamper and my hat box and the door to my closet.

The last corner is filled with probably my favorite feature, my vanity. The desk was another piece of furniture that came with the room, but I chose to use it for a hair and makeup station instead of a work space. I tend to do most of my computer work sitting on my bed, and the rest of the time I'm in the studio, so a desk is a little unnecessary. I found the mirror and the chair at Walmart for super reasonable prices, so this was a super easy conversion. I have on top my jewelry box and jewelry dress form stand, my makeup brushes, my perfume bottles, and a vase of silk roses. It's nearly perfect, I'm on the hunt for the last touch- a small gold standing mirror for closeups while doing makeup. 

And that's my bedroom! I hope you enjoyed it, and thanks for taking a look!

xoxo, Samantha

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