Monday, May 12, 2014

Packing for the Weekend

This weekend I made the three hour drive back home for Mother's Day. It felt strange to be making the drive so soon to the end of the semester, and funnily enough my mom was out of town for a Blues festival most of the weekend so I didn't get to see her much, but overall it was a great trip. On Saturday I grabbed lunch with my dad, and then Austin took me out for date night (keep a lookout for a separate post!) which was wonderful. Then Sunday I joined Austin's family for an early Mother's Day dinner, after which my mom was finally home so I was able to see her! All in all not a bad weekend. 

For quick trips like this, I absolutely adore my vintage Samsonite hard shell suitcase. With a main compartment, a second hidden compartment, and two pockets, the suitcase is surprisingly roomy. I originally purchased it as an accessory for my Halloween costume last year (Aus and I went as Sam and Suzy from Moonrise Kingdom) but found that it was in surprisingly good shape and the perfect size for my frequent trips home. Plus I just love the color! It's so cheerful and fun. I use the suitcase for my clothes and shoes as well as random accessories and necessities, but use separate bags for my sundries and my hot rollers (the paisley and the triangle bag). I also brought my watercolor supplies with me so I could work on a card for my mama, which I keep in the little wicker basket purse (another Moonrise Kingdom costume accessory put to good use!). 

All packed up and ready to go!

xoxo, Samantha

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